Friday, July 10, 2009

The bachelorette is not my lover...

Man I loved the bachelorette this year, every week when you thought she was gonna let go of that nutty soccer fanatic guy with the adidas logo tattooed on himself, there she went giving him a rose again and again... I guess useless and infinite Michael Jackson trivia really gets her going in some bizarre and creepoo way. Maybe she likes a peaceful guy that just likes floating around by a jetski holding on to some rope from time to time better than a guy that gets on one and breaks Guiness Book World Records (please see two posts down).

I guess he's a looker though huh, pretty tall and look at that nice thick 'colocho' hair and sometimes that's the bottom line in these quickie reality show worlds, look good in a tan suit and she'll forgive that the jet ski guy down there really won the olympic games...

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