Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A New Beginning!

Now, after that short lapse used to finish my award-winning website (, getting some of you lazies to follow this blog and setting Guiness Book of World Records at the Carolina coast, I’m ready to show some consistency here.

Unfortunately either lack of internet, electricity, interest, a key to the Internet café at the Ixtatan Foundation or a Spanish-Maya dictionary has slowed Bartolo down on his quest to write chapter II of the Triple A’s (Atypical Academic Adventures – Las Atipicas Aventuras Academicas). Either way we’re gonna have to alternate with some Ed policy discussion, interesting city events, fun links and stuff you guys suggest to make posting on this even halfway frequent.

The facebook group for Gramercy Park Tutors is also finished and you guys that joined either this or that are the best. We’re gonna work together to really make a difference in the education scene of the City. Thanks a million. As a launch to this new era of consistency in communications this is me killing the tigers of laziness past.

And to conclude in Dharma Bums fashion, I leave you till tomorrow with a hopeful Haiku that I wrote as two great friends were getting married among even more friends and family in Virginia:

My loud voice carries,
Across this Charlottesville lake,
Thunder beats Silence.

Oh dharma...

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