Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free (or almost) and Fun for the NYC family - Episode I

There’s nothing better than spending a day outside with the family, enjoying the fleeting summer and each others company. Here are my top 3 events to enjoy for Friday July 24th through next Thursday when I will post Free Family Fun Episode II - a new and exciting top 3! Complete with personal anecdotes and specific recommendations here is the countdown:

3. Free Toddler Tuesday’s at the Bronx Zoo!

I made myself a make-believe toddler to go to this one last week, I just stuffed my pillowcase extra chunky, gave it some buttons to wear down the front and a couple for the eyes, put a carrot on him as a nose and duct taped branches on each side for his little skeleton arms. The Bronx Zoo is the best zoo on earth SAN DIEGO! And the only zoo in the world where my grandma told us to just ‘leave her there’ because she was freezing and it was too cold to walk, and my dad had to rub her feet until she agreed not to perish by the bears. Download the coupon on the Bronx zoo site and go this Tuesday!

2. Free Friday’s at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum!
Are those kids holding up a snake? Oh my god, put the snake down kids, it’s a snake it may be poisonous or choke you to death with its amazing power, throw the snake! Throw it now! See? I’ve never been anywhere where I got to hold a snake and it has really conditioned me against them, don’t make the same mistake with your kids. Sponsored by Target this event starts at 5pm and features Project this week.

1. Amazing Sunday with the New Museum

I walk past the New Museum almost every day, and that is why I find it absolutely awesome, also because of events like this one. It’s a block party at Sara D. Roosevelt Park where educators and entertainers hold all type of amazingly fun activities for kids. Plus, I bet there’s gonna be people promoting and giving things out all over the park. The fete is noon to 7pm on the 26th and please don’t stay home watching TV, go to here. Plus did I mention I walk past the New Museum AND play soccer every week at the LES park? Amazing event!
Have fun with your family!


  1. I wanted to go to NYC this summer but we had to cancel due to illness (blogged about it if you feel like reading it) any way we WILL be back. Any suggestions for a 50 yo with a 20 and 15 yo. Both girls.

    Thanks. Laura

  2. First suggestion is that you should come and visit! There's so much to do, especially in the summer, I think that out of these the Bronx zoo still applies though, its really amazing and I think they could still be into it...

    It'll be hard to convince the zoo that they're toddlers at this point though...

  3. I think they would like the zoo, I know I would. We havent been in a while.

    One daughter and I were there last Dec to see a concert at MSG..we did a quickie of a few sites and it convinced us we need to go back.

  4. Sounds lovely i have to visit you in NY on summer!