Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gramercy : Guide to Namesake Neighborhood

Instead of working hard on showing you around Gramercy I'll let others get us going here, these are fun and I didn't have to write them!

Lost New York Blog's Guide to the Gramercy - "Gramercy has been swanksville, boasting the most genteel air of moneyed aristocracy to be found in the entire city" Swanksville indeed, Lost New York, Swanksville indeed..

Bee-Boppin' the Boroughs Girls - The formerly non-pregnant guide to the city does an awesome job making Gramercy Park fun.

Obviously, no Gramercy Park review would be complete without a site that catalogues the great Gramercy Park Hotel and all our celebrities! You didn't think this had nothing to do with celebrities did you? You fool, you silly fool!

Not the most impressive celebrity to come out of the hotel and visit Gramercy Park but she's pretty funny to look at...

Can we tutor Bean Cobain Ms. Love?

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