Monday, August 17, 2009

The Academically Atypical Adventures of Cash and Bart - Chapter 3 - Ready or Not

Cax and Bart excitedly emailed me back and forth their upcoming class schedules, their new apartment details and everything about new friends they were making. Upon hearing their proposed schedule I quantified their college preparedness in the following way :

Hey not that we do a bad job at the Ixtatan Foundation, but our Math program pretty much tops out at fractions, our English campaign is very song and colors-intensive if you know what I mean, and our Economics department in the rural school really consists of chip-buying-decisionmaking. (Seno Angela is a big 'Contabilidad' star regardless).

Thankfully, I was far more scared than the kids were, I guess it helped to not know what Differential Calculus was at that point.


  1. Fer:

    Como estás man? espero que bien, oye necesito un favor grande y esta se que es una buena manera de contactarte. Necesito buscar a Eric pls, tengo una urgencia enorme que me tiene que ayudar, le podrías decir de favor que si revisa su email?

    Thnx !