Thursday, August 27, 2009

Remembering Ted Kennedy Part II

Anonymous Response to 'Remembering Ted Kennedy' Post,

"There was another side to the late senator. You have covered his commendable efforts in the Senate. Let us not forget that he was suspended from Harvard for two years for cheating, was directly responsible for the death of one beautiful young woman, and lived the wild frat boy life in DC while married to Joan.

To many of us Irish Americans he fit the drunken Irish Rover stereotype for far too long. Also, his enthusiastic embrace of abortion - which he saw as Liberal dogma - was and is perhaps the greatest betrayal of his Catholic faith one could imagine (and this is beyond the Harvard, Chappaquiddick, and late-night party boy incidents),
On balance, those of us who are familiar with the Kennedy's place him fourth of the family male quartet...well behind Joe Jr (the best), Jack, and Bobby. And of course, his life pales as compared to Eunice.

So, remember the good work of the late dissipated senator but remember the bad deeds as well. We could have had more good if he could have restrained himself from the bad."

The New York Times yesterday, did an excellent job balancing Kennedy's obit between the 'good' and the 'bad' but I feel that highlighting the negative immediately after a public figure passes is almost more self-serving and sensationalistic than fair and balanced. I do agree though that this comment makes some excellent points other than the comparison to his brothers that I feel is unfair to begin with, and debatable beyond.

Thanks for the comment and balance!


  1. My rule is: if I'm not willing to publicly attach my name to my words, I keep them to myself. One of the reasons I don't have an anonymous blog is I think it would be too much temptation to snipe.

  2. I think Teddy more than made up for his daliances with the work he did for the down and out thruout this country. No, we can never replace Mary Jo Kopechne, but I think Chappaquidick, his failed marriage, and the William Kennedy Smith rape incident changed who Teddy was...for the better.

  3. Couldn't agree more Mel B, there's so much to judge with Teddy and everyone, but I think its so important to look at what we do with our lives after these things happen. Definitely made him better.. And second your rule Jeanne!

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