Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday GPT Ad Reject 5

Its tough to move kids around the City on their various engagements so GPT hired Brit-Brit to give you a hand. She picks 'em up and drops 'em off wherever you need! Look at these happy children in the car with her, and look how concentrated she is on the road ahead.. Wonderful chauffeuring Ms. Spears, glad to have you on board.


  1. Well her eyes do seem on the road lol


  2. I know right, I'm telling you it might work out, she's probably just checking out where the next drop-off is, but seriously look at that kid in the back.. wow!

  3. Look at those little tykes- their heads all filled with knowledge and their bellies filled with stale cheetos that they found in the crevices of the car seat.

  4. Oh my God!!! This is a real eye-opener.... Thanks for this post.... Nice blog....