Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fastest and Cheapest Way to get to JFK/La Guardia/Newark

Late for your flight, broke or curious, I have answers for all three of you no matter what airport you’re heading out to. That is as long as you’re leaving from or going through Manhattan. If you need to figure out how to do the opposite, that is – get back to the city from the airports, just turn your computer over and read it all upside down. It works.

The Fastest and the Cheapest-
I mean within reason here, we all know that if I went outside now and started walking over to Newark I would at some point probably make it over there, and if you’re leaving from the heliport then what are you doing reading this anyways, go close that deal!


Fastest Yeah a cab here is almost certainly gonna be your fastest option over to JFK. From anywhere in Manhattan, you’re gonna dish out $50-65 dollars and tip unless you want a very angry cabbie. Car services are cuter and reliable and sometimes cheaper.

Price - $60
Time – 30-1hr

Cheapest- You should spend $2.25 in 2009 dollars to take whichever train you’re coming from to the L train, take that to Broadway Junction and take the B15 bus all the way to the airport. If you want to skip the bus part, which does take a bit longer, take the A train at Broadway Junction to JFK add $5 for the AirTran.

Price - $2.25-$7.25
Time – 1hr-1.5hr

La Guardia

Fastest – Debatable, debatable. If you’re close to the NQRW line and its rush-hour it might be one of those special times when cheapest and fastest collide. Otherwise and for more convenience take a $35 cab ride over the triboro or through the tunnel, you’ll be there in no time.
Price - $35
Time – 25-45mins.

Cheapest – Lots of great train to bus options with M60 involved. I like to take the N,W just because if there’s any traffic leaving the city you don’t get it. If you’re already uptown though head up to 125th street on the East or West side and take the M60 over. Either way, you shouldn’t pay more than $2.25

Price- $2.25
Time – 30-75mins


Fastest- You couldn’t make better travel plans? Well, Ok, you have a choice here for fast, but I would have to recommend the taxi, it might take you just 45mins, but getting out of the city is horrible and Newark is most definitely out of the city.

Price - $60
Time – 45-1.5hrs

Cheapest – There’s two equally good options. (a) The first is taking a subway to Penn Station, NJ Transit train 3 stops to the airport. (b) The other is taking the COACHUSA bus from Port Authority/Byant Park/Grand Central.

(c) There’s an even cheaper option involving the PATHs that I’m gonna just mention (PATH to Journal Square, Different PATH to Newark Stop, NJ transit to Airport, AirTran), it comes to around $13 instead of the $17 it takes to go from Penn Station.

Price –
(a) - $17
(b) - $17 or $14.50 with roundtrip ticket. Plus kids under 12 ride free and students between 12-16 pay $10 instead of $15
(c) – $13

Time – 1hr-2hrs

Happy Travels hope this helps!

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