Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Love Brett Favre going to the Vikings

10. Dad Loves the Guy
My dad can call me every Sunday and tell me how amazing Favre was – without the least consideration of how he really played.

9. Sexy Wrangler All-American Jeans
I can watch those more of those All-American Wrangler Jeans over and over during the commercial breaks of all NFL games.

8. Someone Other Than me will pick him up in my Fantasy League
And I’ll win those two games without even trying. Unless they're on...

7. Monday Night Football Spectacular
He’ll be amazing, he’ll win the game single handedly, and it’ll matter cause its against the Bears Week 17 and AP will have kept em in the playoff hunt.

6. Packers Fans Will be Miserable
But they’ll deserve it because they’ve made us miserable with their fun cheeseheads and Aaron Rodgers for too long.

5. Madden Comeback
I can’t believe Madden has left the broadcasting booth, if anything will get him back its gonna be old Brett coming back for one more.

4. Take the Spotlight off my Eagles
I don’t know if signing Vick was the best quarterback pre-season move, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. Just kidding, love Vick and second chances, go Eagles!

3. Indoor/Outdoor References
Frozen tundra of Lambeau vs. MetroDOME. Are you ready for these? There’s gonna be a bunch.

2. 5 O’Clock Shadow
Brett loves looking scruff, and I love the look. The NFC North will be Brett’s scruff vs. Cutler’s mountain man Winter beard.

1. I Love Brett Favre
What a guy, what a story, I’ll be watching every single Vikings game Brett, and rooting for a guy we can all empathize with that loves playing the game so damn much.

Go Favre!


  1. Funny David Letterman.

    I am still going to root for Tom Brady, and hope old Farve does'nt break anything lol


  2. hahaha, Vodka Logic lets hope that poor Tom Brady doesn't break anything again too!

  3. Camberos, avisale otra vez a Eric de favor no? aunque no haga mucho caso.. gracias !!!

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