Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm a blogginner - or awesome Quiz

Yeah for sure, I'm a beginner at all this, but unfortunately we're gonna have to go with it, whoever gets 7 out of 7 on that quiz I made on the right is definitely getting a prize though, an awesome prize... Don't you dare google anything, I have placed intricate safety mechanisms... Good luck, I'll help if you need this is after all a Gramercy Park Education. Bon chance.

If anyone knows how to make a much cuter quiz to put on the blog your comments are v. appreciated!


  1. I got the subway question wrong...and I do live in Gramercy. I am undeserving of a prize.

  2. I got a 46% but not being a New Yorker feel a bit ripped off... lol. Will study my map better next time I am in the city


  3. OK, I'll try it. No promises, though! :)