Thursday, August 13, 2009

Free (or almost) and Fun for the NYC family - Episode III

After a week of blatantly ignoring my NYC families hungry for free and fun family events here they are again on their own. Traveling on the only road they’ve ever known. Two of these events are tomorrow so you best make yourself a busy Friday. Here they go:

1. Free Bike Friday – Governor’s Island.

Ok here it is, the awesomest thing to do in my opinion with the little guys on a Friday. You take the free ferry that leaves from the South Ferry station (1,N,R) over to Governor’s island. Already plenty of opportunity to talk about pirating, conquistadors, mermaids, all those fun water things. Then, as if this weren’t enough, there’s free 1 hour bike rentals. Bike around the cute little island for an hour, check out the crazy military forts therein and you’ll have gotten your daily exercise. After you return the bikes, enjoy a complimentary (!) round of mini-golf or head over to the picnic area. Nice huh?

2. Madagascar Friday – Free Movies at Pier 46, West St at Charles St. Subway: 1 to Christopher St–Sheridan Sq

Check out the earlier post about this. Most importantly, I’ll be there with a handful of tutors and friends promoting Gramercy Park Tutors. Oh there’ll be balloons and cute t-shirts that I’ve made for us and they’ll be an invitation to go on the website and win all kinds of free things, like tickets to the upcoming US Open. If you tell me you know me from the blog, automatic winner!

3. Kayak on the Hudson – Sat/Sun 10am-5pm – 72nd and the Hudson (123 at 72nd)

Take a little ride down the Hudson with the kids. If they’re under 16 they’ll need you to get up in the kayak and ride along with them. Really you should get in anyways otherwise you’re just watching, your kids have fun, right? Totally safe and totally fun, an amazing way to spend this hot weekend.

See you at Madagascar hopefully!


  1. My husband might like the Hudson trip. He likes to kayak doesn't like NYC. (no offense I love it)

  2. There you go though, you found the kayak thing he'd like, all you need is 6 or 7 more things and he'll love it, you guys can go sailing on the hudson too!

  3. I've actually been to the Pier 46 movies...sorry I can't join you for Madagascar, but I'm in the middle of The Great American Silo Tour. Catch you on the rebound!